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Babe Of The Month Cassandra!


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Cassandra's Interview:

1.     Let’s start by you telling us a little or a lot about yourself.  Hi Cassandra, first let me say it was a lot of fun directing you. Please tell us a little about yourself. How old are you? Have you modeled before?
It was a pleasure working with you Vince. My Name is Cassandra, I'm 21 yrs old. I love doing makeup so being able to get glammed up and doing something out of my comfort zone was exciting! I've never modeled before, unless it was something sexy for my bfs ;)

2.     What made you decide to be a POSTAL BABE?
My friend Marilyn told me about the opportunity and I saw how sexy , yet tasteful her pictures came out... And I said "why not have some fun"?. So I did just that.

3.     Observing you during the photoshoot I thought it was very interesting how your expressions could change from playful to serious in a flash. Tell us about how you felt during the shoot?
I was hesitant to open up to the camera at first, but I stopped over thinking and tried to channel how I would model for my man and how I would in front of the mirror. We all do it ;) so it came easier .

4.     You have a certain striking beauty about you. Please tell us what you think is your best physical attribute and why?
I think my best feature are my eyes, like Vince says, I can say many things with one blink to another. My eyes say more that I do most of the time.

5.     Postal fans like to get intimate with their Postal Babes. What can you tell us that will make your new fans go crazy?
I'm a spicy yet sweet Latina , outgoing and crazy. Both good and bad. I always keep people on their toes! That's how life should be ;).

Rock hard, deep and fast OR Soft passion, touching and slow
Depends on how my day was!
Oral OR Anal
One is good OR Two is better OR Come one come all?
I'm selfish. ;)
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