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Babe Of The Month Marilyn!


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1.   Hi Marilyn glad you can join us here at RWS.  Please introduce yourself to our POSTAL fans....

Hi Postal fans my name is Marilyn I'm 23 years old and I love fashion modeling and dancing:-)

2.    Tell us about your Postal Babe photoshoot experience?

My photo shoot experience was amazing, me doing the nude piks was something new and different for me but I loved shooting in a different scenery and place. I'd love to do it again :-).

3.  What was it like working with RWS founder Vince Desi?

I loved working with Vince he's a very professional man to work with. He keeps the environment of the photo shoot comfortable, fun, and exciting.

4. Ok let's have some fun and start the fantasy...
a) Karol describe for our fans your dream guy...
b) If you could do anything on a date what would it be?

a) My dream guy is a good loving kind romantic big hearted man. Who his parents taught him good morals and how to treat a lady. Someone who takes care of himself physically inside and out, who likes the gym, workout etc... Good hygiene is a must and good conversion as well. Good looking face and pretty smile :D!!! Someone who will not only be there as a bf figure but as a good listener, best friend and love as well. Throughout my bad relationship experiences I've became a lil particular in what and who I am looking for. Everyone has their own preferences. Overall a man that's one of a kind unique loving romantic detailed man who will make me feel like a lady and remind me everyday how beautiful I am in his eyes and that no other woman compares to me.

b)  If I could do anything for a date it would definitely be something spontaneous like going on a walk to the beach with my significant other, getting a condo to stay by the beach and doing something romantic. Rose pedals everywhere candles lit up bath tub with bubbles and a nice movie.

5.  Tell us something about yourself that you've never admitted before :)

Something that I've never admitted before is that one time I did a good deed for someone lending them $500 not wanting nothing in return just hoping she would pay me back someday and she denied it and I never got my money back.  

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